Voted #1 Best Add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Current Release Notes

Feb 8 2021
Map - New Isoline Map - Click the ISO button to toggle between a new Isoline map and the standard map!
Map - Odometer - Click the odometer if you want to see Statute Miles vs Nautical Miles.
Map - Range Scale - You now have a visual indication of map scale in kilometers.
Settings - New settings for In-Sim Visualizations.
Fun - All premium ranks now have access "Slime" other pilots that have opted-in to Multiplayer Fun. Watch out!

Previous Release Notes

Jan 24 2021
Map - You can now right click to copy Lat/Lon for any location
Map - You can now click Lock Waypoints to lock your waypoints. Handy if you accidentally grab one when map panning.
Fun - Sound Pack - Numerous cabin announcements
Sim - In Game Notifications of Waypoints and Landing FPM

Jan 11 2021
Waypoints - Waypoints are now visualized in the sky in real time. You can turn this off in the Waypoints window. (Sim Restart may be required)
Map - Wind Indicator - We now have a wind indicator on the left side of the map.
Waypoints Window - Ground detection - The waypoint altitude will appear in red if we can detect an unsafe altitude.
Fun - Ranked pilots have a new button to play with. Let us know what you think. More to come in the future.

Dec 26 2020
Map - Teleport To Airport - Right click an airport to teleport directly to that airport. Airports without runway data should teleport you close by. Thank you @Pixtion for the idea.
Settings - Scenery - Thank you to @Fury for making some custom airports. You can simply click download and then restart your SIM.
Defaults - Your settings for Teleportation Altitude and Speed and Approach Waypoint Speed/Distance will now be retained between sessions.
Server Airports - Information about airports is now stored on the server. This means we can now add/update the data as needed. Just put a note in /support if you have any data updates.
Saved the best for last...
Fun - Yep. You can now create AI Aircraft to fly along with you. You can also create some other fun objects. Click the Fun tab.

Dec 9 2020
Favorites - You can now select "Shared" on any of your favorites to make it shared with all other pilots.
Map - POI - "Shared Favorites" has been added to the POI dropdown list. This will show all Favorites shared by other pilots.
Waypoints Editor - Editing waypoint efficiency has been greatly improved. You can now simply type in the waypoint name/alt/speed changes into any cell and move around very quickly without a lot of clicking.
New Setting - "Stay On Top" - You now have the option for FlightShare to not "stay on top" of other windows. Helpful for those with multiple displays.
Group Event Flights - We have successfully conducted 2 group flights. Keep and eye out in the /events channel for the next flight.
Friends - You can now right click on the plane of a friend to add them as a friend. Friends that are online will be shown on your map. More features to come.

Nov 26 2020
Map - POI - We have loaded hundreds of Points of Interest. Including everything in the latest MSFS update. Select POI from the dropdown on the right side of the map. You can select from General, Japan Update, US Update, etc.
Map - POI - You can right click to teleport to a POI
Map - Waypoints - You can now right-click to add a waypoint at the start of your flight plan (instead of the end)
Map - Waypoints - You can now right-click to edit a waypoint
Map - Waypoints - You can now right-click to clear a single waypoint (instead of all)
Map - Waypoints - You can now right-click to teleport to a waypoint
Map - Waypoints - You can now right-click to set a waypoint to be active
Waypoints Editor - You can now right-click a waypoint to set it as active
Waypoints Editor - You can now right-click a waypoint altitude to set all waypoints to that same altitude
Waypoints Editor - You can now right-click a waypoint speed to set all waypoints to that same speed

Nov 20 2020
History - You can now view your complete mapped flight track history for "All Time". (Ranked pilots feature)
Waypoints / Flight Plans - You can now import PLN and GPX flight plans created from the SIM or elsewhere. Just click "Import". (Ranked pilots feature)

Nov 16 2020
Map - Areas of the world that have no sunlight are now shaded slightly darker.
Pilot Info - The proper aircraft type is now shown such as B748 or A20N instead of "Jet"
Waypoints - If you wish to share a flight plan, simply click "Share" when saving it.
Stats - Click on Stats at the top to see your flight mileage compared to all pilots for Today/Week/Month/All Time.
Website - We now have a website check it out at
How To Guides - We have created a few how-to guides. You will find them on the website under "How To Use".
Help Menu - Now has quick access link for the how-to guides.

Nov 6 2020
Pilot Information - Miles - Indicates the number of miles flown today.
Pilot Information - Pos - Indicates the ranked position of miles flown today for all pilots.
History - You can now see your flight track history for today or the entire past week. Click History at the top.
Airspaces - A new airspace named "Zen" has been added. This is private to you. You will not see other pilots.
Challenges - We now have challenges! Click Challenges at the top. The format is a scavenger hunt. Once started, your plane will be placed outside a specific circle and you will be given a clue. Fly directly over the item complete the task. A green ring indicates getting closer. Points are awarded based on time to complete. The current challenge ends at midnight UTC.
Map - Those of you flying off the edge of the map should now have properly drawn tracks.
New Setting - "Teleport Daylight" - Once enabled, when teleporting the time in sim will be set to noon local. Handy for teleporting across the globe.
Your aircraft will now "ding" twice when on final approach using waypoints created on the landing window.

Oct 29 2020
Waypoints - Calculation for ETE (estimated time enroute) to waypoint is now using ground speed to compute arrival times.
Landing - Runway length is now shown in dropdown. Runways now sorted by runway length descending.
Map - When viewing other planes you should now see a track to their active waypoint.
Map - Bottom left number indicates miles flown during your session.
Map - Bottom left "G" indicates on ground. Will be used for future landing scoring.
Map - Waypoint tracks are now drawn using great circle logic. Future releases will also do this on the flown track. @Worggy @Jigsaw4Three @Tuno
Pilot Information - Rank - To give recognition to our patreons they will be shown with a corresponding Rank Badge. (Captain/First Officer/..)

Oct 21 2020
Waypoints - Flight Plans are here! Make your waypoints and save them as a Flight Plan. You can also see other pilot's flight plans.
Waypoints - "Keep" feature. If enabled on a waypoint, the waypoint will not be removed when it is flown by. Useful for creating interesting circuits or hold patterns.
Waypoints - The circles around waypoints and airports are now dynamically resized based on the map zoom level. This makes it much easier to drag and move them around when zoomed in.
Waypoints - Auto Throttle checkbox added. Similar to AP Master checkbox, this synchronizes with the plane.
Messages - You can now have small conversations using the messages feature at the bottom. Useful for the common "what server you on?"
New Setting - Fuel Topoff - Once enabled, your plane's fuel should be automatically topped off when needed.
Follow Mode - Logic improved to prevent overshoot when following another plane.
Misc performance updates.

Oct 19 2020
Real Maps!
GPS Tracks - Real time GPS track of your aircraft
Instant Teleportation anywhere in the world
Pilot List - Shows information about all other pilots flying.
Instantly Teleport to the other planes you are flying with
Follow Mode - Click FLW to follow another plane. This will create a dynamic waypoint to that plane
Other Pilots GPS Tracks - Real time GPS track of the other pilots you are flying with
Easily Create Waypoints by just right clicking on the map
Your plane's autopilot will follow your waypoints!
Move waypoints by dragging them on the map, autopilot will move accordingly
Click any airport to see detailed runway information
Create automatic landing waypoints on to any airport
Visual landing guidance most airports without the need for ILS
Favorites - Right click the map to add, click Favorites to manage later